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Incident Response

Incident Response Action Plan Preparation: Lazer Express’s cybersecurity professionals will work with you to determine the scope of the incident, including any constraints or compliance requirements for your organization. Identification: Lazer Express’s team will work to identify any active and potential threats to your organization, including infected machines, malicious insiders, network gaps, compromised credentials, and/or data exfiltrated. Containment: Once the threats have been identified, Lazer Express’s Incident Response team will work to contain such threats with both short-term and long-term tactics. This containment involves quarantining of infected or compromised systems, access revocation of malicious insiders, limitation of data exfiltration, and more. Eradication: After threats have been identified and contained, Lazer Express’s professionals will eradicate such threats from the environment with cleaning/purging of malware and rootkits, decommissioning of systems, removal of malicious artifacts, and more. Recovery: Lazer Express will help you through a seamless recovery with reconstruction of assets and post eradication of threats. This includes the hardening of environmental gaps that have been identified as routes to compromise, re-imaging of systems, implementation of security controls to combat further related and unrelated threats, and more.

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